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Welcome to our exclusive membership – the Spirited Club! Being part of it grants you early access to upcoming products, as well as special offers on our existing lineup. On top of that, you’ll get invited to exclusive events and tastings hosted in our very own Distillery. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also provide you with private video material of our adventures around the globe in the form of short documentaries.

But how does all of this work? When becoming a member, you’ll get access to our special member area, built into our website. There you’ll find an overview of all the perks that are currently applicable – including early accesses, exclusive events and private video material. In addition, you’ll receive a personalized monthly letter (e-mail) by the partners in hooch providing you with even more insights into the Hollywood Distillery as well as some other secret specials.

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"I'll prove I'm your true friend by not letting you get soused alone."

Buster Keaton (actor, comedian, director, writer)

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